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A selection of some of the articles I’ve written in various places. Not everything I’ve written is available on the web and, of course, this list is by no means comprehensive simply because going back and finding everything was an impossible task – and sometimes I forget to update the list.

As  you might expect the originals were subject to edits, for good and ill, and I rarely chose the headline.

You may also want to check out The Daily (Maybe) Archive, or take yourself to Big Smoke which has all my blogging, past and present, which is obviously far too voluminous to list here.


Morning Star: only an Amazon boycott will stop its exploitation of the workers

Morning Star: this is not what a feminist looks like

Morning Star: snooping bill raised from the dead.

Started at the North London Star, lots of articles.

AVPS: interview with me.

Morning Star:  on the Cinderella Law

I’m afraid I’ve missed some out here. Apologies.


Feb 1st, Let’s give people hope. Left Unity here.

Jan 1st, Want to reform Westminster’s drinking culture? Focus on its conduct of work, Liberal Conspiracy here.


Sept 3rd, Three Principles that won Natalie Bennett the Green leadership, Liberal Conspiracy here.

July 9th, Natalie Bennett for Green Party leader, Dave Osler, guest post here.

June 23rd, Gove is wrong, we should scrap exams altougher. Bright Green here.

May 12th, Caroline Lucas stepping down is good for the Greens, Comment is Free here and Liberal Conspiracy here

April 16th, We need to work out what charities are before giving tax breaks. Liberal Conspiracy here

March 28th, Greens back Livingstone for second preference. Liberal Conspiracy here

March – large numbers of news pieces about CCTV

January 12th, The unacceptable face of charity. Camden New Journal here


November 20th, Why will Boris do nothing about cycle deaths? Liberal Conspiracy here

November 18th, Immigration: the warped debate. Morning Star here

November 15th, Coalition axe on feed in tariffs a terrible mistake. Bright Green here

November 10th, Tfl acused of corporate manslaughter. Camden Greens here

November 7th, Wasted energy in the war on drugs. Morning Star here

November 5th, Occupy LSX’s missing demands. Liberal Conspiracy here

November 2nd, UNESCO recognises Palestine exists. Collective Resistance here

October 30th, Women’s representation in the left press. Bright Green here

September 15th, Greens call to scrap immigration targets. Liberal Conspiracy here

April 8th, Science in the Greens turns a corner. Campaign for Science and Engineering here

March 31st, Vince Cable’s outrageous demands to ban strikes. Liberal Conspiracy here

Feb 23rd, The Greens have changed their approach to science. Liberal Conspiracy here

Feb 1st, How leftwing are you? Liberal Conspiracy here

January 6th, Jones seeks Mayoral nomination for thee Greens. Liberal Conspiracy here

January 4th, Why the assassination of Salman Taseer matters. Liberal Conspiracy here

January 2nd, Pakistan faces religious riots over blasphemy laws. Liberal Conspiracy here



December 3rd, The case for dropping Con-em in political sloganeering. Liberal Conspiracy here

November 12th, Younger, calmer and less ideological: report from Scottish Green Conference. Bright Green here

October 21st, Our housing scandal gets worse. Liberal Conspiracy here

October 14th, Greens win New Zealand’s capital. Liberal Conspiracy here

October 4th, Why I’m supporting the London Tube strikes. Liberal Conspiracy here

September 23rd, What’s behind the rise of the German Greens? Liberal Conspiracy here

August 8th, The Green Party needs a big debate about it’s direction. Liberal Conspiracy here

July 18th, Where Labour led Tories follow. Liberal Conspiracy here

July 15th, Facebook and Raoul Moat – censorship not needed. Liberal Conspiracy here

July 14th, The last sane man in France. Liberal Conspiracy here

July 9th, The BNP beaten in Barking again. Liberal Conspiracy here

June 27th, Three different approaches to Tory cuts. Liberal Conspiracy here

June 10th, It’s now down to Ken to win London for Labour. Liberal Conspiracy here

June 8th, Defend the urban fox. Liberal Conspiracy here

May 21st, The difference between John McDonnell and Diane Abbot. Liberal Conspiracy here

May 12th, Farage’s election farago. Morning Star here

May, It’s not about us. Red Pepper here

April 29th, Ten reasons not to vote Lib Dem, Morning Star here

April 19th, A different kind of leadership, Morning Star here

April 9th, The Digital Economy Bill: who did what? Liberal Conspiracy here

April 6th, The poll positions, Morning Star here

March 29th, More hate filled by the day. Morning Star here

March 23rd, The BNP and the ballot box. Morning Star here

March 15th, Green shoots in France as the race card backfires. Morning Star here

March 9th, The facile face of the Tories. Morning Star here

March 1st, Why the green cause is a working class cause. Morning Star here

Feb 16th, Climate change explained. Morning Star here

Feb 8th, Denying the storms. Morning Star here

Feb 1st, Why Tory wobble could be our cue. Morning Star here

Jan 11th, The years of plenty are over. Morning Star here

Jan 4th, Honoured to be honoured. Morning Star here



December 31st, Thoughts on the Christmas terror attempt. Liberal Conspiracy here

December 21st, The day music was resurrected. Morning Star here

December 14th, The problem with politics. Morning Star here

December 7th, A new era for Bolivia. Morning Star here

December 1st, Blowing hot air won’t stop climate change. Morning Star here

November 25th, The party that doesn’t believe in anything. Morning Star here

November 16th, No-one is a non-person. Morning Star here

November 9th, A rubbish wage for all. Morning Star here

November 3rd, Gender politics: equal, right! Morning Star here

November 2nd, No advice allowed unless we agree. Morning Star here

October 20th, Being Gay is still an issue. Morning Star here

October 12th, The surprise prize. Morning Star here

October 9th, Does the right really rule online? Morning Star here

September 22nd, Charity begins at home for the elite. Morning Star here

September 20th, Greens move forwards on science. Liberal Conspiracy here

September 7th 2009, Regular Green Party Bombay Mix. Morning Star here

August 31st 2009, World’s poor left high and dry. Morning Star here

August 29th 2009, Whose land is it anyway? Morning Star here

August 17th 2009, A fight worth backing (Obama and health reform), Morning Star here

August 13th 2009, The right to refuse religion. Liberal Conspiracy here

August 10th 2009, Toxic nation (air quality in cities), Morning Star here

August 2nd 2009, Grass roots sports shunned in the pursuit of glory (Olympics), Morning Star here

July 27th 2009, An internet revolution for Africa?, Morning Star here

July 20th 2009, Not all Tories are the same (Phillip Blond, Red tory), Morning Star here

July 13th 2009, The Cnuts of climate change (G8 summit in Italy), Morning Star here

July 6th 2009, Pouring oil on the fire (Afghanistan), Morning Star here

May 19th 2009, Voting for thugs is not the answer, The London Paper here

January 2009, Green New Deal (with Rupert Read), Red Pepper here

January 2009, France’s New Anti-Capitalist Party (with John Mullen), Red Pepper here



November 4th 2008, The NObama left, Liberal Conspiracy here

September 2008, The shape of the new (new media), Green World here

2008 Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging (chapter on Green Blogging) here

July 2nd 2008, In a free state tongues too should be free, Liberal Conspiracy here

July 2008, Max Mosley and the policing of sexuality, Strroppyblog here

April 25th 2008, The left case for Sian Berry, Weekly Worker, no archive online, copy here

April 22nd 2008, London elections of national importance, Socialist Unity (with Peter Cranie) here


2007 and before

October 2007, Cambridge residents say every little hurts, Ellee Seymour’s blog here

2007, Iain Dale’s Guide to Political Blogging, chapter on Green blogging here

October 2006, A tale of two meetings, (on SSP/Solidarity split), Red Pepper here

June 2006, Question for Trinid  and Tobago supporters. Socialist Unity here

June 2006, Green Progress. Socialist Unity here

June 2006, The Morales effect. Socialist Unity here

May 2006, Bye Bye Bay. Socialist Unity here

May 2006, The state could not have prevented 7/7 but it could provoke it. Socialist Unity here

April 2006, The agency of NHS workers. Socialist Unity here

April 2006, Is the UK moving to the right? Socialist Unity here

April 2006, Cashmere Communism (Italy) Socialist Unity here

April 2006, Iraq and the question of civil war. Socialist Unity here

April 2006, Terrorism is the new rock and roll. Soccialist Uinty here

March 2006, Mr Livingstone again. Socialist Unity here

Febuary 2006, Who let the bombs out? Socialist Unity here

July 2005, Red Pepper’s live Gleneagles G8 coverage (as JJ) here

July 2005, The anti-capitalist hustle here

September 2004, Bitter fruits of Russian imperialism here

August 2004, election results dissected, Red Pepper here

April 2004, food for thought here

July 2004, Why we stand in elections here

April 2004, Dreaming of a new left here

March 2004, Revolt of the nobodies here

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