Saving Blighty

If you’re struggling with how to vote in the upcoming referendum… let science fiction be your guide!

The year is 2016. Politics is in turmoil as a national debate takes place to decide whether the UK should leave the European Union.

One man rises above the crowd. A populist demogogue determined that Britain should be free.

But behind the scenes mysterious forces are at work and not everything is quite as it appears.

Saving Blighty follows the political career of the world’s first time traveller, Colin Hartley, and his mission to transform the future.


“The best EU referendum
time travel novel you will
ever read.”

Francesca Martinez

Saving Blighty is £8.99 plus £2 for postage and packing.

If you want your copy signed make sure you leave a message with your payment!

Saving Blighty
Saving Blighty
Leave a note if you want your copy signed by the author.
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